Sunday Lunch Example Menu



Carrot and Coriander Soup (v) £4.95

A summer vegetable soup made with local carrots, served with croutons, vegetable crisps and fresh baked bread


Whitby Whole-tail Scampi £7

Top quality British wholetail scampi served with tartare sauce, a lemon wedge and Halon Mons sea Salt flakes


La Rustique Camembert £6.95

Top quality French camembert, apple and house ale chutney and toasted bread wedges.





Bubble & Squeak (v)  Reg £9 Lge £12


Roasted Organic Chicken Reg £10 Lge £13


Slow Roast Belly Pork Reg £11 Lge £14


12 hour Slow Roasted Beef Reg £12 Lge £15


All served with roast potatoes,

 honey glazed, roasted carrots and parsnips, petis pois, seasonal greens,

Yorkshire pudding/giant Yorkshire wrap and home-made meat gravy**


 (Gfo) – Gluten free option available by pre-order. (v) Vegetarian Option.  **Unless otherwise stated




Milliscent Ice Cream (Made in Islip) £4.95 (gf)(v)

Truly decadent Ice-Cream made in our kitchen with locally sourced ingredients.  Ask for flavours


Strawberry sundae £6.45(v)

Strawberries, ice cream, cream and a strawberry coulis with sprinkles for added fun


Salted Caramel Brownie £6.95

Indulgent brownie served with cookies and crème ice crème, salted caramel and chocolate sauce




Sourcing:  All of our ingredients are sourced as local and sustainably as possible to help reduce our carbon footprint.  Our meat is from the UK and we ensure it is from grass fed stock with high standards of care.  Try it, you will taste the difference.


If you have allergies or intolerances to food please let us Know and we will liaise with our Chefs to ensure you have a safe and satisfying meal with us.


(v) Vegetarian (Ve) vegan (GF) Gluten Free (Gfo) Gluten Free Option Available (pre-order required)